Seducing the Only One Who Can Make Me Cum

I just needed him so badly.

Dani Banani


Photo by Brian Lawson on Unsplash

Alexi had spent the entire day fixing odds and ends around our home, and I couldn’t deny that all day, my pussy was twitching and throbbing with pure desire. As I spent my time in our bed reading my favorite book, full of naughty scenes and (what was described as) intense orgasms, my sex drive that had fired up full throttle before even reading the book intensified in a way that I thought I might actually die if I didn’t cum soon.

Flipping through the pages, drinking in every sexy moment that aroused me, Alexi sauntered into the room while pulling his t-shirt off. I glanced up with a small smile.

“All done for the day?”

“Think so,” he replied. “Need a quick shower and then we can figure out what to do with the rest of our day off.” I smiled and nodded.

“I’ll just get back to my book then!” With that, Alexi headed to our master bathroom while I pondered how to get this man to have a little fun with me. I listened to the soothing sounds of running water splashing on his naked body, which didn’t help my dire need for an orgasm, but I wasn’t feeling shower sex at the moment — my sole interest was seduction.

Of course, I’m not very good at subtle hints, so I pondered how to signal him that I was ready for his sexual prowess. Because saying outright that I needed him to send me to the Milky Way with the power of the orgasms he's capable of felt a little too forward…for some reason.

I hopped out of bed and stripped myself completely naked, allowing my curvy hips and voluptuous breasts to be displayed as the works of art they are.

I laid back down with a wildly devilish smirk, placing my book on the nightstand and scooting my body around so my head was hanging off the edge — Alexi knew what that meant. It’s my special little signal for whenever I’m desperate to have him shove his cock down my throat.

The water in the shower shut off and, as per usual, he exited the bathroom dripping wet and nude with his towel hanging so low on his hips that the sexy V shape leading to his perfect cock was practically lit up in neon…



Dani Banani

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