Let’s Talk About “Funishment”

Dani Banani
3 min readOct 28, 2021

It’s the ultimate under-used and under-rated word in the kink world

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No matter what level of kink you exist on, you probably have some kind of experience with wanting or enjoying “funishment.”

Funishment is the act of being punished sexually in a manner that is arousing for the receiver. It is intended to be something that one might dread (for example, spanking, if you have a low pain tolerance) but turns out to enhance the experience of the sexual scene.

I know that when I am feeling in that kind of mood and I want to drop hints to my Dom, I will flirtatiously irritate him until the funishment threats come out. Then I get to see his refined, well put together self break down into one of frustration and hear that tone that I love so much —

“You better be careful, Little one.”

Photo by Mohamad Khosravi on Unsplash

Well, unfortunately, I have no awareness of what is threatening and what is not, so I venture further into the button pushing until I achieve my goal: a good spanking.

I remember the first time I heard my best friend use the term “funishment” and I cackled with glee for several minutes, realizing how insanely accurate the made…



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