A Helpful Hottie Earns a Reward

How Miranda finding a lost dog leads to sex.

Dani Banani


Photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash

The last Sunday I’d have off work for the next several months was coming to a close and I gazed out over the endless water in front of me, relaxing in my yellow bikini on my favorite rainbow beach towel. I spent so long mesmerized by the waves that it took me a moment to notice the dog running toward me.

I held my hand out and smiled brightly, “Hi there, friend! Whatcha doing out here all by yourself?” The dog eased forward, accepting the offer to smell my hand, then happily pounced forward for kisses as I started to rub his sides. “Oh, you’re a sweetheart, I bet you have the nicest owner somewhere. Let’s take a look here, I hope this is okay…”

Cautiously, I reached for a tag dangling from the dog’s blue collar, seeing the name Bucky and a phone number. “All right there, Bucky, let’s get you home to mom or dad, ‘kay?!” I stood up and threw my towel over my shoulder, grabbing my bag and gesturing for Bucky to follow me. We arrived at my car where I encouraged the dog to jump in the backseat. After the engine was on and the cold air was blasting, I dialed the number I’d memorized off the tag. A man’s voice answered.


“Hello there, my name is Miranda. I’m just down here at the beach and I think I found your dog, Bucky?”

Relief flooded the man’s voice, “Oh, that’s great, thank you so much. Where do you have him?”

“He’s in my car. I can just drive him over to wherever you live if you’d like. I was about to head home anyway.”

“Yeah, is this your cell phone? I’ll hang up and text the address.”

“It is. I’ll be there soon! And don’t worry, he seems perfectly fine.”

“Great, thanks, Miranda. I’m Josh, by the way.”

“Josh. See you soon.” I hung up and immediately received the address, entering it into GPS and finding delight that it was on my way home. It took but seven minutes to get to the house and, as soon as I pulled up, Bucky went berserk in the backseat with barking and panting. I smiled brightly as Josh exited his front door, a thrilled look on his face.



Dani Banani

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